Unity Through Shared Values

Finding Unity Through Shared Values

Path Forward Utah had the opportunity to once again host Robert Woodson in Utah. He was able to meet with church leaders, local community leaders, spoke on the radio, and was a special guest speaker at the Panel Discussion: Discovering Unity Through Shared Values. 

Before the Panel Discussion on Friday, October 27 we had a special V.I.P Luncheon where community leaders got to meet with the panelists and Robert Woodson, to get to know each other better and network together and bring a sense of community and unity to our communities as we worked together to build bridges. 


We had a great group of panelists who took the time out of their busy schedules to come speak at Utah Valley University on how we can unify through shared values and help to build each other up and create a strong community that uplifts each other. 

We would like to thank the Gary R. Herbert Institute For Public Policy for hosting the V.I.P. Luncheon and Panel Discussion with Robert Woodson. They were a huge help in making it all happen.

We would also like to thank the panelists: Marcus Carr, Yemi Arunsi, Marci Campbell, Lucy Shirisia, Carob Marcelle, Goud Maragani, Carlos Moreno, Ron Williams, Will Crossley, and Joshua Mitchell and our moderator, Joseph Kerry, and our special guest Robert Woodson.

Path Forward Utah is proud to partner with the Woodson Center to help create miracles in Utah and make Utah the beacon for the nation on how to bring unity to our lives.