Dear Friend,


Path Forward Utah brought Conservative Civil Rights Activist Robert Woodson back to Utah to discuss D.E.I. with the state legislators, University Presidents, local church leaders, and local community groups. 
On Wednesday morning, Path Forward Utah arranged an opportunity for Woodson to address the Utah House and Senate and arranged a meeting with the Governor.
Woodson spoke eloquently on the topic of D.E.I. and how these programs are doing more harm than good and how these programs weren’t the answer in creating a more unified and strong community, but rather they were dividing the community and causing us to go back to segregation. 
Local legislators, University Presidents, and other local leaders and groups were able to attend a reception hosted by Path Forward Utah where they had a chance to meet each other and hear what the other had to say. We also enjoyed a Harriet Tubman re-enactment by Cari Bartholomew, a song from members of the Truth Project and Path Forward Utah, and heard from President Stuart Adams and Robert Woodson. School Board Member Joseph Kerry conducted the event.
Thursday, Path Forward Utah arranged for Robert Woodson to address the Ethnics Studies Commission where he discussed the importance of teaching ALL history within the classrooms, the good and the bad, but rather than focusing on stories that teach victimization and encourage taking on the veil of victimhood, we need to focus on teaching history through the lense of resilience, stories that show that yes, things were hard, where it would have been so easy to roll over and give up, but they didn’t, instead they stood up for their beliefs, they persevered through the hard times and created a better life for themselves and for their posterity.
The University Presidents, local church leaders, and group leaders came together in a Roundtable Discussion to talk about how the D.E.I. Programs, their use, their issues, and how we can work together to help bring belonging and understanding for our youth and university students without changing standards and further dividing people. 
Local leaders and community groups gathered at Path Forward Utah’s office on Friday to discuss how we can all come together to strengthen the community and build a united and strong Utah.

Everyone is looking for a place to belong and a place where they can feel safe and like they can be themselves, but when we try to do that simply based on the color of our skin, gender, or sexual orientation we end up being divided and create an atmosphere of contention where it’s us against them instead of an atmosphere of unity where we all work together for the betterment of our communities. 

Jamie Renda
Founder, Path Forward Utah