Path Forward Utah brought Conservative Civil Rights Activist Robert Woodson back to Utah to discuss D.E.I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs) with the state legislators, University Presidents, local church leaders, and local community groups.

We believe that while some of these programs had good intentions and are well meaning, these programs have become divisive and have started to tear us apart rather than bring us together. “People are hungry for a solutions-oriented approach,” the Standard Examiner quoted Robert Woodson in their article about the event. The article goes on to say that Utah can potentially help the nation “set another agenda” in dealing with race issues, helping promote an approach that steers clear of promoting divisive discourse among the players in the issue. Read the whole article here.

On Friday, Path Forward Utah brought minority and intercity groups together to connect with the Woodson Foundation. School Board Member, Joseph Kerry, was in attendance and talked with the group about the new Utah Fits All Scholarship and different ways it could be utilized. 

It was a full day of discussion and connection – one to create unity within our communities, and showed the importance of connection. We can’t just sit idly by and watch as the media controls the narrative and further divide. 

We believe that conservative principles help bring a community together and help unify, producing better results for our future. 

As Senator John Johnson so eloquently put it, “We need to look forward and look at healing our nation and bringing hope.”

Together, we can make Utah a shining beacon for the rest of the nation and bring unity rather than division.