Talking Grass Roots

Our values are under attack. Every single thing that Americans hold dear are being dismantled and sadly many are actually helping it happen by being ill informed. 

Path Forward Utah Board Member, Cari Bartholomew had the opportunity to sit down in an interview with former Utah State Senator and Board Member of the Woodson Foundation, Al Jackson.

Path Forward Utah works in partnership with him at the Woodson Foundation to help people help themselves and coordinate uplifting, impactful, and solution oriented discussions.

Al and his wife are CEO’s of Moms For America – a group dedicated to educating parents and families on the founding principles that make our country remarkable. Click here to learn more. 

Cari Bartholomew hosts a podcast Be Not Afraid where she brings uplifting and solution oriented discussions to the public. Click here to subscribe and watch her channel.

To learn more about the Woodson Foundation and how they help serve their community click here

Path Forward Utah is grateful that these two amazing people and the Woodson Foundation have partnered with the organization to help move Utah forward.