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With your support Path Forward Utah will continue to lead the charge in:


We will work with our local legislators to be the voice of our members and advocate for laws that protect our individual rights. Not only do our leaders need to be held accountable to the people but they also need support from the people. We can do that by being a part of the conversation at the capitol and during elections.


Parents are the resident experts of their own children. We advocate for innovation in the curriculum, and provide intentional outreach to parents to give them the tools and resources they need to support them as they navigate the educational landscape to give their student what they need to thrive.


Advocate for laws that support entrepreneurship, small business owners and employees.


Educating the public about how to be involved with their state and local election process and connect them with their elected leaders.


Bringing in guest speaker to events that will attract larger audiences for the conservative message. By doing this we will get more eyes and ears to hear the message of why conservatism works and will have action plans on how we can be effective.


We celebrate culture and look at character rather than judging others by their outward characteristics.


We advocate about the importance of strengthening the family and marriages.


Fighting for free speech, even when we don’t agree. We will facilitate conversations for better understanding.

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There is a lot of behind the scenes work to bring our vision to life. We work tirelessly to bring our vision to light, but we can’t do it alone. We need YOUR support. We need everyone to come together to move Utah forward.

Together with our community we can make a difference. However, to do the work it takes a lot of resources. We appreciate any donation of either your time, money or both, because we know how precious they both are. 

Help the causes that help you.

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