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We work to educate diverse communities about the political system and teach them how to advocate for themselves and their community effectively. We also elevate conservative principles through the diverse communities that we work with.

We aim to build unity by reaching out to diverse communities and look for ways to lift others with our hearts and minds by building connections. 

We, as a society, have lost our sense of connection with each other, and this lack of connection can lead to the mental health issues, addictions, and homelessness that our society is facing. It is our purpose and duty as citizens to make meaningful connections with others, and that means we have to SHOW up and be involved. We cannot expect a seat at the table if we do not make our presence known.


We host and attend numerous community events throughout the year and understand that to influence culture, we must be a part of it. Our events are about sharing the message and teaching the audience how to act to create change effectively.

We are an organization that believes in:

-Real conversations based on conservative principles and ideas. 

-Fighting against policies that pit people against each other based on their race, sex, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 

-Building bridges by working together. 

-Preserving ALL American history – both the good and the bad – emphasizing America’s transformation in both our people and our government. 

-Finding and supporting leaders who will bring our state and nation together. 

“What goes into your mind affects your heart, what affects your heart comes out in your life.”

“Gratitude is always better than grievance.”

Jamie Renda


Jamie Renda is a passionate, conservative, business owner. She has strong convictions in conservative beliefs. She has courageously led the way to our path forward by living her truth and creating real and needed conversations and connecting local leaders with their communities to continue to light the way forward to not just Utah, but the rest of the nation as well. 

Joe Kerry

Co Founder

Joseph Kerry is passionate about education and advocacy. Born to a North Korean mom who was forced to flee her home, he had the passion for education instilled in him from a young age. His mother taught him that education was a doorway that would open a lifetime of growth and personal responsibility. He took that lesson and built a career in education. As a professor at a local college, member of the state school board, and founder and board member of other non-profits, he has promoted the importance of education throughout his life.

Cari Bartholomew

Advisory Board member

Cari Bartholomew is a recent transplant to Utah from Washington State. Believing that Utah would be a shelter for the culture storm currently sweeping our nation.
Cari is guided by compassion and simple solutions. As a mother she is a fierce and knowledgeable advocate for students. Cari has been a conservative her entire voting life, not necessarily a Republican, but a true conservative. She believes and champions the power of the individual, encourages merit and proudly respects our sovereign nation.

Jaime Wadman

Advisory board member

Jaime Wadman is a conservative that focuses on networking and finding solutions. She knows that we must recognize what made America the great nation that it is. We must acknowledge mistakes so that we do not repeat them and look towards a path forward together with our fellow Americans.   We can’t be focused on why the other side is wrong but show why conservatism works. America has a republic as its form of government.   A republic can only remain healthy if it has the active involvement from its citizenry.  A republic is a form of government in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives. We have forgotten this as a society and have become disengaged.  The sooner we learn that we each have a responsibility to be informed and involved in our communities to keep the government small and more free, the better America will become.

Lucy Shirisia

advisory board member

Lucy Shirisia is a college instructor in the Family, Marriage, and Human Development field. I am a conservative because I believe God should still be a part of our constitution. Morals and values are what makes this country great, without those, we will fall like many other nations before.

Ron Williams

Advisory Board member

Ron Williams is a 7 time Mr. Universe winner and is one of the most decorated bodybuilders in the world and a motivational speaker.  

Letroy Woods

Advisory board member

 Letroy is an expert experiential coach, teacher, speaker, and podcaster. Letroy works on the USBE (Utah State School Board of Education) Advisory Committee with the intention of delivering a higher level of conversation to students and parents and working with Utah Path Forward’s studios, he intends to impact the community by having uncomfortable conversations many aren’t having. 

Yemi Arunsi

advisory board member

Yemi Arunsi is the Davis County Republican Party Chairman and is also the former senior advisor to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs.

Juan Valladares

Advisory Board member

Carlos Moreno

Advisory board member

 Carlos is the founder of New Leaders of America and was elected as “Distinguished Leader of Utah 2023 by Utah Business Magazine. Coming from Venezuela, Carlos recently became an American citizen!

Marcus Carr

advisory board member

Marcus Carr is the founder of Growing Unified Development. He has a passion for giving youth a leg up so that they are able to have the best future possible. 

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Utah needs an organization that elevates and empowers conservative thought in minority communities through community engagement, voting, making policy, and passionate advocacy.
Our mission is to create real conversations, live by truth, and to have the courage to lead the way to our Path Forward.

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